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Harley-Davidson’s top customers think they’re too old to ride a motorcycle

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Harley-Davidson’s top customers think they’re too old to ride a motorcycle

Harley-Davidson shares are worth just 66% of what they were 12 months ago. they reached a minimum of six years. In five years, the value of each of the US company’s papers went from US $ 73.94 (April 2014) to US $ 36.88 (January 2019). In other words, in that period, the brand Portugal Phone Numbers that was an icon of the world’s high-end motorcycles lost 49% of its market value. To this must be added that Donald Trump , at the beginning of his term and upon learning that the company intended to start manufacturing its units outside the United States, said: “A boycott of Harley-Davidson would be great.”

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A study by UBS released on Friday says things are not getting easy for manufacturers of high-end heavy bikes. Basically, due to the aging of its potential customers and the lack of interest of millennials , who do not see attractiveness in these products. The data suggests a considerable generational divide in attitudes toward these motorcycles, the type of units sold by brands like Harley and Polaris. Among the survey questions, one asked why they would not buy a vehicle of this type: those over 55 said that “people my age do not ride motorcycles.” That’s a problem because it is precisely married men over 50 with annual earnings of $ 90,000 or more who represent Harley-Davidson’s largest customers.

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According to UBS analyst Robin Farley , this feeling of being too old will increase “as the average age of Harley buyers gets past 50 and over.” Harley-Davidson makes half of the heavy motorcycles sold in the United States. Only those 55 and older said that riding a motorcycle is “a hobby” and that they buy them because “motorcycles are great,” two of Harley’s main Phone Number List selling points. In contrast, people between the ages of 21 and 24 said that the main reason for buying a motorcycle is “ease of transportation”. According to Farley, for this reason “these younger consumers are much more likely to be attracted to buying lower-priced, lighter, lower-margin motorcycles for manufacturers.” Price is key: Millennials’ incomes are, on average, too low to afford high spending, such as buying the famous high-end motorcycle brands.

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