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Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry Etymology Part I – In The Beginning

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Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry Etymology Part I – In The Beginning

Used as an item of adornment from greater than 2500 years, Peridot has been referred to as among others: Pitdah, Topazion, Topazos, Topaz, Chrysolite, Olivine, Evening Emerald and Gem of the Sun. All those pseudonyms make the venture of achat de liste de contact locating Peridot’s specific etymological roots almost not possible. However, via a process of exploring these aliases and getting rid of them separately, we are able to get toward getting to know the truth in the back of Peridot’s actual origins.

The first written references related to Peridot, seem within the Septuagint’s translation of achat de liste de contact the Hebrew Bible into Greek dating from three hundred B.C. The Septuagint, a group of seventy- rabbis, was commissioned by the Pharaoh Ptolemy II to translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek for inclusion into the library of Alexandria, these files would end up referred to as the christian Old Testament.

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According to the Septuagint, the Hebrew phrase ‘Pitdah’ in Exodus chapter 28 become translated to the Greek ‘Topazion’: this become Greek for Peridot. This translation, as we will see changed into wrong, but earlier than detailing the Septuagint’s mistakes, we have to first get a top level view of the occasions defined inside the Exodus passage, their time and location:

Around 1444 B.C., Moses and the high monks were turning in the Hebrew slaves out of achat de liste de contact Egyptian captivity beneath Pharaoh Amunhotep II. One of the excessive clergymen called Aaron changed into commanded to make an ephod, a form of apron, and to connect a breastplate to it. Aaron become instructed to mount the breastplate, containing the magical Urim and Thummim, with 12 gems in sequential order each one representing one of the 12 Israelite tribes. The gemstones in Hebrew and their order had been; 1). Odem 2). Pitdah 3). Bareketh four). Nophak 5). Sappir 6). Yahalom 7). Leshem 8). Shebo 9). Ahlamah 10). Tarshish eleven). Shoham 12).Yashpheh.

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