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Guide to Successful Corporate Website and ERP Design

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Guide to Successful Corporate Website and ERP Design

The internet and IT is an integrated part of corporate email id database our daily life these days. No business or company can survive without a website or an ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) system. The cost of administration and human interaction without an IT solution can easily put the company out of business, being unable to compete with other companies who employ IT solutions.

Here we are going to point at some very important topics regarding website design in PHP, how it should evolve and how to keep ERP connectivity in mind during projects development cycle (important to know for businesses).

2. PHP vs. ASP.NET?
Having worked with both technologies for more than a decade, I must say that both are competitive. Whether we should choose ASP.NET or PHP is debate among engineers. Coders chose the language that they are most familiar with. However, PHP has certain advantages over ASP.NET.

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1) PHP runs faster than ASP.NET. (It can even run twice faster if held in cache in compiled state) ASP.NET uses the COM and ActiveX model, making it slower to perform.

2) Many OpenSource solutions available, free of Charge

3) PHP engineers usually come cheaper

4) Already in use in great businesses (Facebook is a good example)

5) Easier to learn/understand (No.NET background required)

6) Many OpenSource CRMs are available in PHP (WordPress being a very good Example)

7) PHP is the only solution when targeting Embedded systems market. PHP uses Apache and Linux To run, and Linux is virtually available for every family of Microprocessor/Microcontroller that exist (x86, ARM, PPC, MIPS, AVR, etc).

However, it comes with some disadvantages as well

1) By nature, it lacks already-made components which facilitates website design (You can find vast number of OpenSource components on the internet, so we can omit this problem)

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2) Lacks a dedicated IDE (However, NetBEANS 6.9.+ Supports PHP with code-completion, Free of charge.) Unless you are a big business with your own IT department using.NET for ERP and your systems, PHP would be the better option. If not (already using.NET in your ERP), then ASP.NET is the way to go.

3. What database to use? MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server?

This is an important decision to make. Microsoft SQL Server is a professional database solution for most businesses (Large and medium sized). It is extremely simple to write Stored-Procedures and Scripts.

MySQL is very popular as well, but it is not as easy to work with MySQL than it is with MSSQL. MySQL doesn’t support Script writing, has some restrictions regarding Multi-Core query execution and of course, support. However, if you are not intending to make complex database (Which is very possible with MySQL, just not as easy as MSSQL), then MySQL is a wise choice. It runs on Linux, it is free and finding a coder familiar with MySQL is a very easy task.

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Microsoft SQL, being more featureful, however cannot run on Linux. This means that if you are targeting MSSQL, either you must run your PHP website on IIS server (A windows server, not linux), and install the SQL Server on the same machine, or you can have two servers, one which runs linux and your website, and the other runs windows server and has MSSQL installed in it. Both ASP.NET and PHP easily connect to Microsoft SQL server and MySQL database.

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