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Goodbye to NYT en Español is a look at the evolution of content models

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Goodbye to NYT en Español is a look at the evolution of content models

The NYT en Español said goodbye … at least in its form as a stand-alone site. Sad? Difficult to say … is the butterfly that stopped being a caterpillar sad? What do we mean? That it is about evolution only. Once again it is shown that the content, however extraordinary it may be, is not enough to sustain a site that intends to monetize only with display (banners). Some idealists have criticized the newspaper’s decision to lower the curtain, calling them ambitious, but let’s be honest, South Korea Phone Number List communication and journalism are also a business! The closure is not an absence of corporate responsibility , because for it to exist it is necessary that a company also exist, and for this it must produce dividends, a situation that did not occur here, at least not to the extent projected. Goodbye to the NYT in Spanish Sites focused on content creation have two avenues of survival. Charge for the content (paywall), which is viable if the pieces produced deserve it. (We think the NYT will fit into this category as smoothly as it does in its English-speaking version.) Do content marketing . In this model, the pieces serve as a magnet in order to attract users to make them customers through the sale of other products and / or services.

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Social Media Examiner is a good example. An extraordinary site to get up-to-date on social media topics; But in exchange for giving out tons of free content, they expect users to buy tickets to the many events they hold. In Mexico, Merca 2.0 magazine follows a similar scheme … Examples are plenty. Even this site where you read now, it is clear that it also belongs to the second scheme. We publish a lot of content, but we sell consulting , training and brand dissemination . We couldn’t survive putting up banners. Very few do. It requires a beastly traffic and also, affect the user experience with the use of invasive banners in quantity and format. There are many such sites … and they are a usability nightmare. So far from thinking that it is the end of the NYT en Español, we like to think that it is a step in its evolution; And in any case, the cost benefit of their subscription is very convenient, so they have managed to survive as a newspaper, even when many have exploded. Those are the benefits of knowing how to build a corporate reputation . Not all publications will be able to make this move and succeed, as it demands a very high quality … but the NYT has a lot of paper to cut from. And by the way, even though CNN had already done it, the use of the Ñ to highlight in this goodbye, its best content in Spanish (the only language where this letter is used), is spectacular. To keep looking forward ÑYT.

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Goodbye to NYT en Español as a standalone site This is the letter with which they announced the end of their model and the entry into a new stage. As of today, we have discontinued NYT en Español as a standalone site. Since we launched it in 2016, the site has produced around 10 high-quality articles per day, original or translated from the New York Times in English. We launched NYT en Español as part of an experiment that expanded our coverage to different languages, in an attempt to reach and attract more international readers. While the Spanish site attracted a considerable new audience to our journalism, and regularly produced articles of which we are proud; it did not prove to be financially successful.  South-Korea Phone List Our strategy will now focus on reaching a global audience with our top news report, through a subscription model. As part of this core mission, editors will continue to translate our impact journalism into more than a dozen languages ​​- including and often into Spanish, at – and we will increase our investment in expanding these translation efforts. This change will not affect our coverage of Latin America, which will continue to be strong, with dedicated correspondents based in Medellín, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. content Content Marketing NYT digital journalism press We have gone from writing what brands wanted to tell to talking about what our audience.

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