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Cheap Phones Sales, the 4 Most Common Disclaimers and Why to Include Them

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Cheap Phones Sales, the 4 Most Common Disclaimers and Why to Include Them

People enjoy purchasing cheap mobile phones since they are far less costly and don’t strain on their china phone number list budget. (Some retail store sold phones can cost a fortune!) So, many consumers shop for deals online. This means you should look towards eBay and similar auction sites to peddle your wares.

Just be sure you develop a good reputation on these sites so as to attract customers. Many consumers will seek insight through your DSR rating.

Such a rating records customer satisfaction and it helps promote a confidence inducing reputation. Ultimately, sellers want to attract the most and customers want the best prices, the fastest shipping, and the highest quality for their orders.

This means they would be getting the best overall deal and when combined with proper customer service, they will become repeat customers.

Customer support is among the most vital components here since it boosts the positive experience of china phone number list the customer. One of these important areas is disclaimers since they warn customers of potential problems or unwanted surprises. This keeps the customer less likely to complain if a problem occurs.

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Cell Phone Frequencies

A disclaimer could note which one of china phone number list the four frequencies (850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz) found in the world so the customer realized what he is getting.

Dual band works with 900 and 1800 and a triband works with 3 of the 4.

A disclosure would provide clear info what frequencies the phone will work with. This will eliminate the issue of purchasing an incompatible phone.

An example might look like:

“This phone works on the frequencies 900MHz and 1800MHz it is not suitable for North American customers?”

IMEI Number Broken

India has banned IMEI numbers not registered with India’s government. A disclosure on the phone should say prior to travel to India, a customer IMEI number must be installed and registered.

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An example might look like:

“This phone has been marketed to an international audience and is not meant for Indian customers.”

People Flashing The Firmware

Some may buy a cheap phone and “jailbreak it”which means they unlock the operating system to download as many accessories as possible.

This process can lead to illegal downloads and/or potential damage to the phone.

A disclaimer should read

“… is not responsible for damage or legal issues surrounding from the jail breaking/firmware flashing”of the phone. Consumer does so at his/her own risk.

Phones That Work Off the 2.75 G GSM Network

While most cheap GSM phones in the world are more than capable of running on 2 and 2.7G networks the requirements of 3G frequencies can be beyond their capabilities.

A disclaimer detailing this should appear on the phone listing.

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Namely, it should say “3G phones do not work with phones predating the 2.75G model.”

Phones With Built In TV Receivers

Many cell phones are integrated with digital (discrete) television signals. This is a departure from the classic analogue signal which is found in the old standards of NTSC, PAL or SECAM. Over 45 countries use a completely digital signal.

A phone with an analog receiver will not be able to pick up a digital signal and this need to be noted on the disclosure.

The disclaimer should read “Analogue phone – not compatible with digital signals. Please check the availability of analogue in your home country prior to purchase.

Ultimately, when a seller is putting together a listing for cell phones, it is best to think of all the potential problems a customer may face when purchasing internationally. Integrate as many disclosures as possible into the listing to avoid problems.

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